Teddy Bear Check-Up at The Health Museum

Teddy Bear Check Up For Health

Join Santa Claus and his merry troop of medical volunteers along with their favorite stuffed animals or toys for the annual Teddy Bear Check-Up at The Health Museum.

Featuring more than half a dozen check-up stations designed specifically for kids, children of all ages are invited to join Santa Claus for a healthy breakfast, photos, and to perform a series of medical examinations on their plush companions to earn a certificate of health for their furry friends.

Kids get hands-on experience checking their Teddy’s health while learning proper oral hygiene, how to listen to the heart with a stethoscope, keeping Teddy fit with exercises, and administering a band-aid for the occasional boo-boo.


This event is included with regular general museum admission. Non-member tickets for breakfast and photos with Santa are $5 each; museum members receive breakfast and photos with Santa free.